Don’t Look for Easy Ways While Fishing for Pike

Nowadays, many fishermen are equipped very well. Boats of all kinds of designs, powerful motors, sonars, GPS … Not long ago, the owner of these achievements of the progress could have a good catch there, where others just couldn’t get.

Now, however, the advantages of the technical equipment do not make you a winner. Whether you are the holder of a good boat, but among the many millions of fishermen there will be dozens of owners of the boats much better then yours. And the fish on your «personal» garden far away in reservoir begins to suffer the pressure of other fishermen, it becomes less, and the one that remained — cautious and capricious.

While having tons of different equipment people are often looking for the simplest, most convenient fishing. For example, a man goes trolling on a comfortable depth where there is no weed and obstacles to interfere with hooks, and waits until accidentally met a predator. As there are many fishermen with such attitude, these happy meetings rarely occur …

But fish is nearby. But you cannot buy it for money (in the sense of acquiring some new expensive motor or device). You can successfully catch it, if your fishing skills and perseverance more than the competition.

So, stop. Changing tactics. Suppress the engine, give away trolling gear. Lets drift with the current, listen to the silence instead of the chirping of the motor, and smell the forest instead of gasoline exhaust. Remember this lying in the water half-fallen tree, you avoided while trolling? Just among submerged branches hides the coveted trophy.

Carefully anchor the boat away from the pike ambush.

Estimating the depth and flow velocity near the sub-wood, choose the bait. It is best to start with something like a spoon. And begin methodically cast for this promising place.

When first started, you will suffer inability to accurately throw the bait. Some baits will be lost in the maze of branches. There will also be spent nerves. And maybe even a desire to stop all this and go back to the familiar and so simple trolling. But do not rush to give up. The fish is there and the catch will be the result of your fishing skill, not blind chance. It’s worth it, is not it?

The same is true when fishing in the reed. Boat by boat travel along the edge, and almost all of them doing it because it is convenient. Floating 60 feet away from the reed, bait going near the grass. It is convenient, but pike, standing on the outer edge of the cane, is either already caught, or impaled, or just cringed. And the bites are very rare.

But if you come close to the reed, and pass along it, very often it is possible to see into the depths of the thickets of pure water window. No one threw any spinners there. There your chances are much higher than in the general «crowd.» Yes, it is not easy to get there…

And precision casting, when you do make the way to the coveted «window» is of great importance. It is necessary to cast there, not coming close, to the free space on the grass only a three feet long. Missed — will have to make a noise, freeing up your spoon, flown into the grass. No trophy in this little window, should carefully move to the next, not making any noise…

Such kind of fishing, focused, thoughtful, is not just for fans of «casting». But it brings a special trophy. To be proudly speaking not «I was lucky», but «I’ve caught!»