Soft baits, hard baits, spoons, hooks and so on…

Because of the forthcoming weeklong fishing trip I visited local fishing shops in order to fill my summer fishing lure arsenal.

Floating soft bait

Let’s start with a relatively new and rare lure: floating Mann’s Samba 80 soft bait. It is manufactured by American Mann’s company  upon the Russian expert group request. The main difference between this lure and regular soft baits is that this one is floating while the others are sinking. Don’t know yet how it is working — because of a little air bubble inside the lure or because of a special polysol — i will autopsy the lure after the fishing session to see it.

The main sense of the floating soft lure is that when equipped with jig head it is in not horizontal but vertical position, looking like small fish eating something on the bottom.

Besides, it is not so capable of catching the bottom and seaweed. The special double hook is used for this type of soft bait, and it is put ON soft bait, not THROUGH it — in order not to pierce air bubble inside, I guess. It is holding tight and the predator won’t have a chance to pull the lure out of hook by grabbing the tail.

Mann’s Samba 80

This soft bait is rather rare yet, is available in several shops only and deserves complete and deep testing.

More Mann’s soft lures

Classic Billy soft bait in a classic color. Nothing superb, but this soft bait is said to be very good at fishing pike, so I bought it as a reserve. You know that soft baits are not long-living lures on a fishing trip ;)

Mann’s soft lures Mann’s soft lures

Beautiful Berkley Ripple Shad soft lures

The price is tremendous (8$ for 6 pcs) but looking good:

Berkley Ripple Shad soft lures

Packed not in a way as a regular soft lures but in a beautiful package with every fish in its own cell. Tended to cause angler’s buying reflex. As the specifications says: «Designed for pike, perch and pike-perch (zander) fishing. Detailed eyes give a predator a chance to aim before hitting».

Berkley Ripple Shad soft lures

Eyes are detailed, no doubt, they are calling to buy this lure. The problem is that they drop out when inserting the jig-head. OK, we will fish without eyes, but I did not expect such a behavior from the lure this expensive.

Here how it looks like with the jig head installed:

Berkley Ripple Shad soft lures

 Jig Heads

Twelve grams jig head for a soft lure. Bought it in reserve, because I’ve already had enough of it.

Jig Heads Jig Heads

Kuusamo Rasanen Ruohikko spoon

A spoon, made by very famous Finnish manufacturer is good when casting to grassed places.

Kuusamo Rasanen Ruohikko Kuusamo Rasanen Ruohikko

I’ve lost all my spoons in the last season, so I bought this one. They are manufactured in many colors and sizes — I purchased a small (5 cm) but relatively heavy (11 grams) one  — for a long casts.

Kuusamo Rasanen Ruohikko

Yo-Zuri Popper 65F

Poppers are wobblers (hard baits) without tip. It is coming on the water surface without diving into it. Active pike is said to react on poppers very good this season so I’ve decided to test this one.

Yo-Zuri Popper 65F Yo-Zuri Popper 65F

Duel Hardcore

Legendary in any means Japanese pike lure. Last year I tested it on the Ladoga lake and it was hitting a pike on every occasion. This year I bought another one for trolling fishing. Its diving depth is said to be around 3.6 meters, but in real life, it goes about 5 meters and this is good for pikeperch fishing.

Duel Hardcore Duel Hardcore

Stinger Leads and Knotless Snaps

When talking about pike it is better to think about reserve leads in advance. The Chinese Stinger leads with 20 cm length and 7 kilogram threshold looked like a good choice to me.

Stinger Leads and Knotless Snaps Stinger Leads and Knotless Snaps

Knotless Snaps manufactured by the same company — for those who don’t like to make knots. Fast and comfortable, but still with a chance to unbend it on a сatch

Stinger Leads and Knotless Snaps Stinger Leads and Knotless Snaps

 Owner bream hooks

For a feeder fishing tackle setup I bought an excellent Japanese hooks manufactured by Owner. It seems to me that these hooks are the best that the money can buy.

Unfortunately, these hooks are the most forged hooks on a Russian market too. So I hope that I bought the original ones — quality and sharpness is pretty good.

Model 50922

Model 50922 Model 50922

And the same size hooks but with the bigger eye

 Feeder leads liShimano ICEne

As a bream is sly and accurate fish, you’ll want to use the most invisible terminal tackles for the bream fishing. But you should keep in mind that your lead line must be able to lift several kilograms bream. I took a 0.18 line which is capable to hold 3 kilograms bream.

Shimano ICE Shimano ICE

King’s meal for a bream

As I needed much bate — i bought 6 kilograms of Dunaev bate.

Half of it — Dunaev Bream:

And the other one — Dunaev Premium Feeder:

Will mix it 1:1.

That’s all. Considering the previous contents of my fishing box now I feel my self ready for the fishing trip.