Pike-perch and pike fishing on the Lovat River

Our trip was aimed on a trophy pike and pikeperch first of all. We were planning trolling trips to get those fishes

First Pike Perch Caught on Lovat river

Looking forward I can say that the fishing definitely was good. To be honest, we didn’t catch trophy fish (but we’ve seen it!). but everything in its time…

First day

We were living at  «Bury Medved» fishing base.  We’ve taken three trips for pike perchs and pikes, using rented motor boat, every trip was four hours or something like.

Before our fishing trip we tried to determine pike fishing places, reading fishing reports from numerous fishing forums. All of these places were about 7 kilometers adrift from our base. On a 5hp rental boat it should take about 20 minutes to get there.

So we took our boat with Mercury 5 motor and started down the Lovat river to our fishing place…

River Lovat 1.5 kilometers adrift from fishing base

Within 1.5 kilometers from the base boat motor died on a wave and we did not manage to start it. We called the base administrator and in an hour they carried us another motor. We were fishing roaches from the shore while waiting for the motor.

Lovat’s shore

Having the fresh motor installed, we sailed ahead and in 20 minutes we reached our planned fishing place. First, we made one round with an echo-sounder looking for bottom landform and fish signs. Our Hummindbird fish finder was showing a considerable amount of fish floating rather deep:

Echo-sounder displays fish

So we calculated our trolling track — 1 kilometer route with depth varying from 6 to 11 meters.

Once we did it — we put our trolling hard baits (I will tell about it later) and started our trolling fishing. In a half an hour we got our first pike perch:

Our first pike perch

We made a back turn and sailed back. Depth started lowering and suddenly something big grabbed one of our lures. It was a really big pike (more than 5 kilograms) struggling like hell. But unfortunately it TORN the fishing line and went away =(. So we trolled for an hour or so and returned to base. There were Bream Fishing plans for the evening.

Second Day

We started fishing in the morning — same place, same tackle, same trolling route, same fish:

Small Pike Perch

Pike perches were not fighting a lot — typical angling process is on the video:

Later we lost 2 kilograms pike near the boat again, but caught a nice perch:

Perch on Lovat river

There were a lot of small pike perches which were released:

Small but hungry pike perch

Having trolled for a couple of hours we returned to our base for the evening bream fishing.

Third Day

My friends from Saint-Petersburg had come, so we hired a motor boat and headed for our fishing place. Not just for fishing this time, but mostly to enjoy the river and it’s beautiful sand banks:

Kazanka motor boat on Lovat bank

Having reached the place we started trolling fishing and got nice pike perch on the first lap:

630 gramm pike perch

After the back turn, we caught small pike:

1.4 kilo pike

We were satisfied with our catch and sailed back to base. When we had only one kilometer left — motor died again, so we had to row this kilometer hard.

P.S. I guess you’ve already noticed the hard bait on the photos. Yes, it is Duel Hardcore. It was the only working baits from the big amount of baits purchased for the fishing. Absolutely killer hard bait for perch, pike perch and pike. But…

Duel Hardcore Hard Bait

Specifications tell that it is working depth is 3.6 meters. But in practice, we can see that it floats on 5 meters depth (echo-sounder confirms this). So you should be careful in order not to catch the bottom.