«Mikli-Olgino» Fishing Base

«Mikli-Olgino» fishing base is located in the heart of the famous Ladoga Skerries (Ladozhskie Shkhery). North mountain views, clean and fresh air and, of course, the Skerries — small rocky islands divided by numerous narrow passages.

How to get there?

«Mikli-Olgino» fishing base is 235 kilometers (4 hours drive) away from Saint-Petersburg, near Lakhdenpohja city. Easiest way to get there is to drive the Priozersky route in Sortavala direction. The road is mostly good, but expect some rocky and dusty roads in Karelia (approx. 30 kilometers of overall length).


Fishing is good. Just around the base you can find a lot of pike (up to 3 kilograms), pike perch, river perch, bream, eel-pot and many other species.

Boat hire

They have Pella boats for rent, with 2.5 hp Suzuki engines. Daily rate is about 30$. Life jackets, anchors and full engine tank + additional 2 litres of fuel included.

Pella boat can carry up to 4 persons, or three fishermen.

Mikli-Olgino fishing base has its own jetty, where you can leave your boat for a night.

«Mikli-Olgino» — Pella boats for rent

Прокатные лодки “Пелла”


Five two storey cottages and mini-hotel with standard (one room for 2 persons,) and Lux (two rooms for 4 persons)rooms. Rates starting from 20$ for a night per person.

The Best cottage for a big company is House №3 (yellow house on the big rock). For a company of 4 persons you can hire one storey of another four houses, but i recommend Lux room in mini-hotel.

View to Ladoga Skerries from Mikli-Olgino fishing base

Вид на ладожские шхеры с базы “Микли-Ольгино”

Every house has barbeque facilities. Also, there is big smoking shed that can be used by guests.


There is a cafe where you can purchase breakfasts and lunches.

We recommend!

Fishing reports from «Mikli-Olgino» base:

  • 2.4 kilogram pike from Ladoga Skerries

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