How old is Ladoga Perch

There are two forms of perch in Ladoga lake: small, living near the coast, and large, living in the open part of the lake.

Small, or as it is often called, «herbal» or «coastal», perch does not leave the grassy thickets during all summer and only in a winter goes to the nearby deep. It has a lighter color, green and yellow hues and is growing slowly, rarely reaching a weight of 100 gr. For example, in the age of three, his weight in Lake Ladoga is about 35 gr.

The growth rate of the large form of perch, which is coloured in a dark color, depends on the area of ​​the lake. It is not a secret that the South and North Ladoga differs much in sizes of fish.

On average, 3-years old perch weighs about 50 gr., 5-years old — 150 gr., 7-years old — about 300 gr., and at the age of 10 — 600 gr.

In some other reservoirs perch grows faster. For example, in the Lake Ilmen it’s weight at the age of 5 years is about 300 grams.

Perch usually live not more than 15 years, rarely up to 24 years (Nyukozero in Karelia), and males have a shorter life than females. During this time, even under favorable conditions, its weight is usually not more than 1.5 kg.

However, as an exception, there are perch weighing up to 4 kg. Females are always larger than males.

Most lakes or rivers does not have noticeable perch spawning migrations and perch is only slightly moving to the comfortable places for spawning. However, occasionally there are significant spawning movement, for example in the northwestern part of Lake Ladoga.


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