El Gouna, Egypt #2: Egyptian Venice

All of the land on which stands the town of El Gouna (10 000 — total population, together with the tourists and foreigners who have purchased a house here), all 19 million sq. M. meters, belongs to one person — the president of the corporation Orascom (Egyptian largest operator and developer). He was twenty years ago, bought in the desert on the coast of the Red Sea villa plot and dug a small creek under the boat parking. Soon, he began to develop the area as a resort.

El Gouna is now — is 13 hotels with total capacity of 2600 rooms, more than 3,000 private villas (mostly British owners) and settlement for staff. Besides the airport, hospital, banks, a subsidiary of American University of Egypt, marina and all the other necessary infrastructure for life, as it is — great golf courses, stables and a go-kart club.

In El Gouna has its own TV, own the FM-radio (by the way, is very popular throughout Egypt, at 100MHz), a private guide with 150 pages and its own journal:

Orascom is actively attracting investors to the city, so a large part of the local cafes, restaurants, diving and kite-centers owned by foreigners.

Almost the whole territory is crossed by canals, many hotels are on the islands, between which a scheduled free shuttle shuttle-boats.

Different islands connected by stone bridges

Channels are located on the sea, so the sea water in them. All artificial channels.

In the downtown area there are several shops concentration centers, restaurants and bars. All offers Arabian-style buildings higher than three stories I have not seen. Pretty clean.

Some of the island’s hotels are not, and apartments and private villas.

From the living creatures — the ubiquitous cats and birds like geese, but with long legs:

On the outskirts of the city grow quarters of private villas, the main owners — foreigners

One of the most beautiful and lively places — Abu Tig Marina, where dozens of parked boats of all sizes and types

There I found a great pub where they played ambient music and garage-and met the local pigeons (they are small and brown, but just as hungry as ours):

Nearby is Mangroovy Beach, where in spite of the cool weather, hanging out a bunch of kiters.

The wind was strong, they love it.

Not far from my hotel there is another beach, Zeytouna Beach, where I strolled along the pontoon leading to the coral reef:

Pontoon long, 200-300 meters, and while I was walking back from somewhere came the Arabs and began to beat melancholy across his fence (not the season for swimming), absolutely not thinking about those who stayed on the pontoon. I had to risk their lives, almost hanging on his hands, to overcome this obstacle.

I somehow okay, but what had grandparents?

Five minutes from the hotel area Tamr Henna, with the information center for tourists, taverns, souvenir shops and a small super-market

For me it was the ideal choice to drink a delicious coffee in the morning, or at least a delicious lunch of beer. The owners of most of the shops and bars — foreigners, in some places on equal footing with the locals.

In the afternoon I walked around the city and sit in taverns, and met in the evening on the veranda of his bungalow …