We continue to test wireless castable Deeper Smart Fishfinder Sonar. We have already reviewed (RUS) Deeper Smart Fishfinder Sonar on a liquid water fishing. Now, we share our experience of using the device on ice fishing.

Deeper Smart Fishfinder Sonar: Ice Fishing Review

The sounder has worked on the water for about 8 hours, recording those hours into memory (Deeper has the ability to record sonar tracks) and we had enough time to understand its behaviour in the winter. Let’s see what Deeper Smart Fishfinder Sonar can offer ice anglers.

The apparent advantage of Deeper is its versatility — while the owners of traditional boat sonars (Lowrance, Hummingbird, Garmin and others) are looking for a replacement for it for the winter (e.g., in the form of compact sonar), and users of compact echo sounders discuss how best to modify their sounders for use in winter conditions, the owner of Deeper just puts it in his pocket and goes fishing.

Deeper Smart Fishfinder Sonar: Ice Fishing Review

Deeper does not really care if it is summer or winter — it works in all conditions. The manufacturer guarantees it to work at -40 celcium degree. We have checked the sonar at -16 degrees, and strong wind (up to 20 m/sec), feeling as at least — 25 degrees and instantaneous freezing of everything incoming into contact with water. It works.

Deeper Smart Fishfinder Sonar: Ice Fishing Review

Why do someone need Deeper in the winter?

Exactly for the same purpose as in the summer.

Like any sounder, we need Deeper Smart Fishfinder to analyze the topography of the reservoir. Our aim is to find a weed-bed, drop-off, any anomalies of the bottom. At these spots the fish will be more likely than at any other. Perhaps we’ll be even lucky enough to see it on the sonar screen.

Therefore, the fish search technology is as follows — drill hole, measure the depth using sonar, drill another hole, measure the depth, make conclusions.

Having found a promising place — begin to fish. You can drill a single well for Deeper or you can use a working one.

Deeper Smart Fishfinder Sonar: Ice Fishing Review

How Deeper Smart Fishfinder Sonar work in winter conditions

Sonar is adapted to work in cold conditions, even if covered with ice due to the heavy frosts, it continues to run:

Deeper Smart Fishfinder Sonar: Ice Fishing Review

However, there is one thing that you should remember — the device is activated by contact with water. Technically sonar realizes that it is in the water, when the two contacts are joined at the bottom of the sphere. If these contacts will be covered with ice — Deeper may suggest that it is out of the water and stop scanning. We’ve had such an issue, but solved the problem easily by cleaning the contacts from ice.

Also there were concerns about the running time. Any electronic device in the cold works much less time than in normal conditions. Yes, it is. However, we failed to drop the battery in sonar  — Deeper had worked for 4 hours in the cold  and the battery in the phone had died, not at the sonar.

Ice-fishing mode (flasher)

Deeper Smart Fishfinder Sonar has a special ice-fishing mode for tracking the movement of bait in real time. The mode is activated via the Settings menu. After that, the screen shows a real-time picture of what is below:

Deeper Smart Fishfinder Sonar: Ice Fishing Review

It is convenient to understand immediately how deep the bait is at the moment.

But the standard screen seems to be even more convenient, though it gives a small (about a second) delay, but displays a picture of the underwater situation in dynamics. Scan resolution allows a small bait to be clearly visible at a depth of 8.5 meters (30 feet)! The screens below show the movement of tackle with double bait:

On the next photo you can see the size of the bait, scanned by Deeper:

Deeper Smart Fishfinder Sonar

Impressive, and makes believe that fish also will not pass the sonar.

Using Deeper we can see the horizon on which a flock of fish or large single species run:

And we can apply the bait on their level, tracking the entire process in real time:

Sounder lets you see the moving flocks:

And to understand (by the time of their delay on the spot), how interested they are.

Test results

From a technical point of view, no questions asked — Deeper Smart Fishfinder Sonar proved to be a reliable device that works great in the winter. We were especially pleased with a long battery life and ease of use — just pull the sonar out of your pocket and threw it into the well.

In terms of ice fishing applicability, Deeper Smart Fishfinder Sonar can be equated to the traditional ice fishing compact echo sounders. It can be used in all cases in which the sounder is used in winter. It is clear that, for example, on perch fishing where you move a lot serching for a fish, there is no much sense to take it with you. But if you need to find a good roach fishing spot spot in order to put up a tent and stay overnight — Deeper will be the right choice.

A definite advantage of the device is its versatility, Deeper can be used both in summer and winter.

The disadvantage is its relatively high price (around $ 230), but compared to competing castable sonars Deeper definitely worth the money.

Next time, as soon as conditions allow, we will take Deeper Smart Fishfinder Sonar on a trolling fishing and compare it to some stationary boat sounders like Hummingbird on a familiar pond. Stay in touch!