«Bury Medved» Fishing Base

Fishing base is located within three hours drive from Saint-Petersburg by M10 route in Ilmen lake delt, on river Lovat. More than a hundred of tiny rivers and lakes make fishing here were effective and interesting.

Ilmen is 40 kilometers adrift from the base. 5 kilometers down the river Lovat you will find river Pola and river Lovat confluence.


Fishing is good, there is a big amount of fish in Lovat. You can find here the pike (trophy sized), pike perch, river perch, catfish, bream, eel-pot and many other species.

As soil is mostly sandy you’ll want to buy worms somewhere else (for example, in Parfino, 13 kilometers away from base — they have three fishing shops there).

Boat hire

You can rent motor boats (so called «kazanka») with a 5 hp mercury engine for a light day. It will cost you about 40$.

Full engine tank and additional 5 litres tank of fuel will be included. The boat can carry 4 people, but will be comfortable for fishing with 3 persons onboard.

On this boat you will reach good fishing places in 20 minutes. Boats are not very new, but still suitable for fishing.

Life jackets and anchor come with the boat.

Kazanka boat on «Bury Medved» fishing base

Boat slope is outside the base territory — don’t leave your boat there for the night — there is a chance that you won’t find it in the morning ;) You can ask base staff to lift your boat — they have a nice Niva with boat trailer for it.


There are three types of cottages on the fishing base:

«Rybatsky» (Fisherman’s) — one room cottage. 25 sq.m. Accomodation for 4-6 persons (two 2-storey beds, lower are double), 4 people can live here comfortably but for six it is too closely. Kitchen with electric stove, fridge, WC, hot and cold water and satellite TV in every cottage. No shower cabin in this type of cottage, but you can take a shower in a Russian bathhouse which is standing near. I can recommend cottage #1 (closest to Lovat river, not so many neighbors).

«Rybatsky» (Fisherman’s) cottage

«Okhotnichy» (Hunter’s) cottage — similar to Rybatsky cottage, but slightly bigger — 32 sq.m. Accomodation for 4 – 6 persons, two rooms and a small second floor. Kitchen, WC, shower cabin, hot and cold water and satellite TV in every cottage.

«Okhotnichy» (Hunter’s) cottage

«Kupechesky» (Merchant’s) cottage — big two storey cottage. Accomodation for 8 persons. On the first floor there is kitchen with sofa and big table, WC, shower cabin. On the second — 3 bedrooms. Good house.

I can recommend cottage #1 (closest to Lovat river, not so many neighbors).

«Kupechesky» (Merchant’s) cottage

Mini-hotel with standard rooms is under construction now, i guess it will be finished till the end of summer 2015.

Barbeque and smoking shed is near every cottage.


There is a good restaurant/bar/cafe on the base.

We Recommend!

Fishing reports:

  • Bream Fishing
  • Pike-perch and Pike Fishing