The sliest fish turned out to be really sly and not so easy to catch:

1.8 kilograms bream

But as you can see from the photo we found the right approach to it and a couple of good-sized bream was caught…

First day

We were living on «Bury Medved» fishing base. Bream campaign was conducted in four stages. As we come, in the evening time, we went down the river bank on our side of the Lovat river to find some place, suitable for feeder fishing.

To be honest, it was not easy to find such place — all approaches to the river were grassed with seaweed. Finally, we found some place 500 meters away from the base and started to cast our feeders (more about gear here). To our delight, feeders were sliding through seaweed quite easy.

The fish was apathetic and bream was not active at all, so we finished with two small roaches.

Little roach

We fished for a couple of hours and took off our tackles — the wind was cold and uncomfortable.

We understood the causes of our failure on the next day when we sailed above this place with an echo-sounder — the depth was about 1,5-2,5 meters and that is too shallow for a good fish

Another little roach caught with feeder tackle

Second Day

On the next day, having the aquatory scanned with an echo-sounder in search of pikeperch and pike (fishing report here) we decided to seek for the bream on the other side of the river, because echo-sounder showed there a groove from 6 to 8 meters in depth just under the bank, which looked as a perspective place for a bream.

In the evening we crossed the river on a boat, started camp fire, mixed groundbait and began fishing. We also put 5 bottom tackles for a catfish.

Catfish tackles

Unfortunately we didn’t catch anything but some white breams that evening.

White bream caught on feeder tackle

Small fishes were biting regularly, but the big ones were very cautious and didn’t show themselves.

Not breams but good anyway

We checked our catfish tackles in the morning —  one was torn (0.4 line) and others were missing baits.

 Third day

Having analyzed the situation, we decided some things:

  • The place for fishing was selected right, but we cast our feeders too far, overthrowing the groove.
  • Our groundbait was too bright (and groove’s bottom was almost black from fallen leaves)

We made several corrections in our agenda and started the third part of the campaign.

Bream fishing on the right side of the river

This time we cast our feeders closer to the bank (6 to 10 meters) and used worms as a bait and good luck finally shined on us…

Camp fire is a big helper in bream fishing

For a couple of hours the bream was walking around the bait and slightly biting it  — the bells were ringing but there were no good strikes.

At 11PM one of the rods was bent hard (and bells surprisingly, were not ringing) and began to twitch. Angling was fast and in several seconds, we finally saw the bream:

1.6 kilograms bream

Weighting on the base showed 1.6 kilograms. We didn’t catch anymore breams that evening.

The bream was salted and smoked in smoking shed on «Bury Medved» fishing base.

Smoked bream

Fourth day

Fourth day was highlighted with another bream which was angled, i can say, by an accident.

We were fishing in a company of friends arrived the day before. Tackles were set on the proved scheme — we were fishing in the same place using the same groundbait and baits.

First, we set two feeder rods on a bream and as soon as we caught white bream — we used it as a bait on one of the rods, planning to catch pikeperch. Small pike-perch was caught as soon as the night fell:

Small pikeperch caught on the feeder tackle

The bream was not in a hurry to bite. We were having a good time with our friends and suddenly the feeder rod was bent again. The bream was elevated fast, somehow it managed to break fishing hook while angling. Weighting showed 1 800 grams. Not a record (there are 4 kilograms bream in Lovat) but still pretty good ;)

1.8 kilograms bream

You can also check pikeperch and pike fishing report from Lovat here.