2.4 kg (OK, 2.395) northern pike was caught in the Ladoga lake skerries while trolling in October, 2014

2.4 kilograms northern pike

For the moment it is the biggest pike that we caught there…

October was a cold month but luckily not rainy yet:

October on the lake Ladoga

We started trolling in the morning and were making laps for about 2 hours. The depth was 5 to 10 meters. First, we dragged 2 meters tree on a bottom, but we rescued our lure using retriever. In an hour we caughta small pike with Nils Master trolling hard bait (Wobbler):

1,28 kilograms northern pike

Weighting showed 1,28 kg

We were already relatively happy, but in that moment really big pike grabbed our Duel Hardcore Wobbler. Angling process was not very easy — it’s shot on video

This monster was 2,395 kg of weight. Small pike was released and swam out happily.

And big one joined us for evening smoking:

2.4 kg northern pike from lake Ladoga

It was almost of the Suzuki boat engine size ;):

2.4 kg northern pike from lake Ladoga